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Hello everyone...I am a mummy of a gorgeous baby girl called Emma, she is 5months 1/2 and she is my everything image I have few of my friends around me pregnant (between 3 months and 8 months) and they are expecting their first baby. And as you can imagine, they are questioning me everyday about what pram they should get, which cot, which nappies to use or which toys, swings, etc....and obviously which car seat as without a car seat you can’t leave the hospital to bring home your little treasure image So I am answering all the questions, recommending them using my own experience and what you girls are saying in the different forums I read (and I do read them as it is so useful as we all share our experience which makes everything much easier, at least, I found it much easier!). It reminds me of us last year trying to figure out what is best for babies, and if I have this cot will it go for a girl and if it is a boy, all these questions about everything we need before baby is here we are asking ourselves and we spend hours trying to have the perfect list for our babies. And then when you have this list here comes the job of getting good prices as the competition is hard for retailers and we should use that to get best prices, and if we do it we spend hours to try to get all we need at good prices but then we need to wait the deliveries and being home when they deliver, etc.... I remember 2 days before my due date, I still hadn’t my cot because they were out of stock and couldn’t get one for me, but 4 months before that when I bought it at the baby show they never mentioned they might be out of stock, anyways I was lucky as my Emma was 9 days late and the cot finally made it!!!! I wish there would have been someone who would have done all of that for me, finding what I wanted and at the best prices and getting that deliver to me on time to take the stress away from me.

What do you think mummy and mummy to be????? 


  • I think there should be baby planners like you get wedding and party planners. it is a major event in your life and it can be hard first time around. If I'm honest I went shopping crazy and bought everything in sight and probably wasted in total around £800. Second time around I was a lot more switched on. my biggest tip would be, the list in the back of baby shop brochures that tell you what you NEED, chuck it. Load of rubbish. To get ready for a baby you need socket covers and baby gates? Crazy expense that you just don't need straight away. Price runner do comparrisons for all sort of items which would come in handy to. I think there is a huge market there for something like that. It is really daunting at first when you think there is so much to do. Is it something you are looking at doing or just helping friends out?

  • Hi Sym, I completely agree with your comments, do I really need socket covers straight away???NO!!!!!

    I am actually helping friends but I am thinking it could be a good thing to have...I am just wondering who could be interested by that. Any idea? I know my friends are but how many mummy to be like my friends are out there?!

  • You could speak to local midwives or health visitors & see if they might suggest a way of targeting expectant mums. I started out getting business card made up from Vistaprint. You can get them quite cheap really. If you set up an e-mail & leave a contact number. I've also made a Facebook business page which is doing well. If you do set one up I'd be more then happy to add a post on my business wall to get people looking at your page. I've found a lot is word of mouth. Not sure if you're into FB buthave you ever seen a joke or story that one friends posts & within minutes, I've had friends at opposite ends of the country posting the same thing. I'm sure you'd be able to do it long distance with online shopping, mail order etc, then you could do personal visits locally. If you know people who work in big companies, there is always 'pregnant season' when there are phases of it seeming like everyone  is expecting. It's one of those things that other then business cards there wouldn't be a huge outlay to see how it would take off. I'd defo give it a go image

  • Thank you very much for your reply, maybe I should have a look on facebook how to set up a business page....image

    Your comments and advices are very good and helped me to think about it even more. Maybe I should try...image

    But I would have liked to know what mummy to be think about it before starting but not sure how to ask them. You are one of the only one to reply to my post and I have used other big websites...image

    What do you think? Thank you so much again image

  • If you're on FB use the MadeForMums page of there. You'll probably get a lot more response. You could also try My Children Mean Everything To Me, and Practical Parenting all have pages. If you go FB look at the very bottom and it will say create a page. Once you click that it guides you through everything on how to set one up. If you need any help you can find me on FB under Symone Darvell or Best Party Bags. Message me on there and I'll be happy to help if I can. I'd bought something off someone through FB and they helped me loads to start my page.

    You could have another go on here but title your thread Mums to be, help me!! or something like that. You might get the mums you need image


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