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Talkback: 10 ways to help your toddler settle into nursery


  • My 2.5 year old has been at montessori nursery now (2 sessions a week (3 hrs each)for a month. She cries everyday, and often throughout the session. On advice from the nusery after the first session I stayed with her for the first week. Also she gets 1 extra session free per week for the first month (so 3 in total) to help settle her in. Nothing has helped. We've tried taking in a fav toy, even her pushchair so that she gets a bit of comfort (and moves away from the front gate of nuresry!). I started her early as wanted her to get independent and have a bit of a kick start to her learning before age 3. Now Im feeling very guility! My huby feels that whatever age we started hr that she would have cried and that we should perservere. Its week 5 now, and I'm really not sure what to do!
  • Hi Jazmummy

    I have very similar problem. My boy 25 months old cannot settle in the nursery. He cries all the time and I have to always take him back home. He cannot stay in his own for more then 1 hour and full of tears. I feel very quilty and very much doubting in sending him there. I don’t know the answer what to do?

    Is it better with your child at the present time ? All the best
  • Some excellent tips for preparing your toddler for nursery. Thanks for sharing.

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