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Finished taking cezerette. TTC!


new to this forum :) me and my husband are TTC so I stopped taking cezerette 10 days ago. I always had regular periods until last month when it didn't arrive! Anyway today I've started my period and it's quite heavy. Is this my body returning back to normal? 

Im so excited at the thought of getting pregnant so I'm being impatient! 

any advice from those with a similar experience will be much appreciated! 


  • Hi Nik,

    I was on cerazette for 10 years and came off it when I started TTC. I'm 26. Before the pill I had regular 28 day cycles, I was actually like clockwork - however, since coming off the pill it was usually a few days out.

    The below info might help:

    Came off the pill - 9th July

    Cycle 1 - 5th August (24 Days)

    Cycle 2 - 29th August (26 Days)

    Cycle 3 - 24th Sept (23 Days) - I unfortunetly had a chem pregnancy/early miscarriage

    Cycle 4 - 17th Oct (27 Days)

    Cycle 5 - 13th November....ended with BFP!


  • hi NIk

    thought I would point you in the direction of this chat group, how long after stopping cerazette did your period return. Its full of ladies who stopped the pill and their experiences with it. And between us all we have the answers for everything as every aspect of stopping this pill has been talked about. The thread is actually on part 7 now if you want to look at it

  • Hi Laura! im also 26 and mine were so regular! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.. but congratulations on your BFP! keeping everything crossed that it happens soon for me! 

    Hi Sio! thanks for that - i will check it out when I get home! I never knew the side affects this pill could have, and assumed it'd be a lot quicker to conceive than the injection! When I go back on contraception next I'm definitely going to do my research :) 

  • the side affects when coming off this pill are horrendous and are extremely similar to early pregnancy symptoms also.

    sorry Laura meant to say also sorry to hear about your chemical but big congrats on your bfp. I too had a chemical in June and a mmc in march 2015 but happy to say I am 8 weeks tomorrow.

  • Hi guys! Hope you don't mind me barging in on your thread haha! Just thought i'd share my experience of coming off cerazette!

    I was on it for 7 years. Took my last pill on 22nd August 2016. Had my first af on 17/09 and my cycles went to 17 days!! That was a killer having af nearly every 2 weeks.. but i remember all through September I was testing like crazy because I just FELT pregnant! The symptoms you get when coming off  cerazette are ridiculous. I was having cramp, extreme fatigue, back aches, headaches, and even sickness some mornings!

    My LMP started 21/10/16 ... I got past day 17 and I was actually so happy thinking that I was going to go back to having a 28/30day cycle... but then it got to day 32 and I was driving myself crazy reading threads about people going from 17 days ... to 70 day cycles 😳😳 

    I was going to a 30th birthday party on CD36... so I tested .. and it was negative. So I go really drunk that night and was hungover all the next day! I was so deflated thinking if I was pg it would definitely show up this late in the cycle...

    CD41... I woke up at 5:30am for work like I do everyday... went downstairs to the bathroom... and randomly tested. No prompt or conversation about it. I just had an urge to! And bam!! Bfp! and im now nearly 8 weeks!! 😍

    I do admit, it was quicker than I thought to fall after being on cerazette... but the symptoms you get when coming off it just arent worth it!!! 

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