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Confused.. HELP!

Hey everyone, 

So my last period was November 17th & Ended November 21st I had unprotected sex on November 24 and December 10th.. I was suppose to get my next cycle around december 15th it's now December 27th And i still haven't gotten it yet..  I'm now 12days late I took two pregnancy test and both negative.. I also notice that my boobs usually get sore a week before my next cycle but this month I haven't even gotten that.. which has never happend only symptoms I'm getting Is slight cramping when I lay down and a pulling feeling in my pelvic area , also a little tired but thats about it .. what do you guys think.? Should i test again in a few more days.?


  • Test again in a week and go to your doctor for a blood test to make sure either way.

  • I would test again next week! 6 weeks ago I had ovarian drilling due to PCOS, I never had a period after and I tested last Thursday with a negative.. yesterday I tested again and got a positive!! It might just be to early for you to show on a test :) xx

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