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1 still born 4 miscarriages now pregnant

hello.. I would like some advice or some kind of story of hope...

well im now 23 

i had my first pregnancy at 19... I was going days without eating never took prenatal vitamins or see a dr Smoked weed reallt heavy at like 6 times a day .. my pregnancy lasted until about 3 and a half months and I had a still born

the next 4 times it was about the same thing expect the 2nd time it was missed miscarriage and the 2 other times just a normal miscarriage...

i was on birthcontrol for about a month before i got preg this time

now that I'm pregnant i went to see a dr at 8 weeks started taking prenatal vitamans and I am not smoking or drinking at all.. and I'm eating normally.. 

my breast are still very sore and I'm now 13 weeks And 5 days 

do you think by any chance this baby will serve.. 

i need as much feed back as possible 


  • It sounds like your lifestyle is much healthier.. thats a massive positive.. 

    I can't say much more but hopefully you'll get earlier scans and be looked after really well 

    Good Luck xx

  • Your right thank You 

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