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Positive or neg?



I had a MC end in Nov and haven't had period since, tested today on a FRER and got the faintest of lines. Had an argument with DH as he said he can't see anything. I did a CB digital with the same urine sample and it said not pregnant 😕 

Please can you let me know what you think??? This is so hard!


  • How soon after testing did you take this photo? I do see a line there so hoping it showed up within the appropriate time of testing!  Fingers crossed it's your bfp! 

  • About 5 minutes after? keeping my fingers crossed! I'm abroad at the moment don't have a lot of tests! But worried because the CBD said not pregnant :( I worked out I ovulated about 24th Dec so I'm about 11dpo 

  • Digital tests are not as sensitive so it would not give you a bfp as soon as first response so it makes sense you'd get a bfp with this test first. Hope this is the real thing for you! 

  • Thank you! I got another faint bfp so feeling positive 😍 Going to retest tomorrow 


  • That's so great! How have the tests continued? Hope they've been getting darker!

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