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Advice RE: 3week old baby very hungry and not sleeping

Hi, My baby boy will be 3weeks old tomorrow. He was 10lb 50z born and had regained his birth weight plus 1oz by 2weeks old. He always seems to be hungry and its preventing him from sleeping as he is constantly wanting to be fed. He also seems to struggle to get any wind up (or down). For example, last night he was up every 2hours for feeds which is fair enough. This morning he woke up at 7.30 and breast-fed for 1hour. I winded him and he immediately starting crying, turning his head to my breast and sucking his hands again. I made up a bottle of formula (5oz) which he drank in one go. He then kept crying and has been wanting to be fed right up until 13.30. I took him out in pram for an hour and he fell asleep whilst in pram but as soon as we got home he was screaming to be fed again. I really wanted to persevere with breast feeding but its impossible to keep up with him, my milk doesnt seem to satisfy him at all. Does anyone have any advice?


  • I'd talk to you're health visitor. They might suggest breastfeeding first and then topping him off with hungry baby formula, or expressing between feeds and topping him up with that after (to then you might be constantly attached to either your son or a breast pump). I think babies go through growth spurts at around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months, making them extra hungry, so you might just have to give him extra for a week or so and then he will settle down a bit more xx

  • Thanks Lianne, HV came today and said to breastfeed and top up with formula. He has gone from 10lb6oz to 11lb7.5oz in 9days so he's obviously getting enough. She also said that the night feeds are most important as hormono levels peak so to try and breastfeed as much as possible through the night to increase my milk supply.

  • Babies go through a growth spurt round about 3 weeks, done it six times! I know it seems like you are permanently attached to each other, but it will settle. If possible I would try to avoid the top up with formula, as your body will make enough milk to feed him, honest, and the fact that he is gaining good weight means that he is getting enough. Not sure why HV is telling you to top up with formula and then breastfeed more at night, by giving the formula you are not increasing the milk supply. Good Luck xxx
  • I agree with Mandy although I have only had one!! I do know thought that babies increase feeding as a way to increase your supply, my lil man did it lots and then he would have odd days where he would have less and I would be full and sore. If he is gaining weight you are giving him everything he needs. It does eventually settle as they get into a routine. Good luck!!
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