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Talkback: Has Littlewoods killed Santa?


  • I can't say I like the ad, but I'm not bothered that my 3-year-old might find out that it's me (and her Dad) that put presents under the tree. Why shouldn't we get the credit for what we've got her?! Father Christmas gives her other presents, yes, but the ones under the tree are from her family and friends.
  • dont like the advert its annoying and cant these kids learn that the word is mother and not is always played on the radio as well.and why should mums just get credit for getting the gifts.its dads partner gives me the money to do the shopping so for us he is the one that buys everything as he is the one working.
  • I hate this advert - the word 'muvva' really grates on me. John Lewis all the way.
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