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My sons head shape x

Hi my son is 20 months old his head is comes out more at back when he was 4 months old he started with flat head so I got the special pillows to help which I used till he was 6 months as he was sitting up by then been to doctors they said as long as I don't shave his head no one will know but how can they say that am still worried n I went to get his cut before Christmas n it sticks out what would everyone else do as am not sure anymore if docs would still listen to me I have other kids which have normal head shapes x here is a pic help please if anyone can x 



  • Hi, It's possibly normal and everyone has different shaped head and as he's still so young it will develop normally as he grows older, I work in EYFS and all the children have different shaped head. If your still worried then definitely go to the doctors.  

  • Thankyou hun it must be just me worrying to much am hoping it will sort it self out as he gets older just wanted other peoples views to see if I should be worried x 

  • Hey, go see your health visitor and ger her to measure his head. My sonimageimage has a large head and was flagged by our health visitor. He had a MRI and has been diagnosed with benign exterior hydrocephalu. My sons head sticks out at the back a bit but he has a protruding forehead (bossing) it's not serious but he's prone to bleeding on the brain- they found a small bleeds on the MRI. We're waiting for our outpatients clinic on 6th Feb for more information on the condition xx

  • Awwww bless him hope he gets sorted I've never heard of that what he has.  People round me don't talk abt things like this and I just sit n worry n never know who to turn to or u get people treating you as thu your losing it lol how old is your son? 

  • He's 15 months, basically it means he has extra space at the front of his head between his brain and skull and has fluid in that space. That is why he has the bossing on his forehead.

    theres two types internal (the dangerous kind) which is located in sacs at top of the spine which get blocked and fill up and cause a rapid increase in head growth and external which is what eliott has. I think he will have regular check ups to make sure he dosnt have any more large growth spurts in head circumferenc. He's fine of course, just slower than the average baby, not walking yet but not far off, been slow with everything including getting teeth lol

    sorry for the long comment lol

    also there's a condition called Craniosynostosis which could be worth you reserching which can cause bossing at the back and front. There's four kinds of all affect head shape in different ways. Don't want to scare you of course but I followed my instincts as I knew something wasn't right and I was right. If your worried then go to your go/health visitor and push for them to investigate. 

  • imageimageimage

    few recent photos for you, this morning causing havoc lol

  • Awwww he's beautiful bless him, I did get my son seen at hospital n all they said was yes his head sticks out at back but don't shave his head  and u won't see it I was so upset so I went back to doctors n they said they was sticking by what hospital has said tht was when he was 1 but it seems to be getting bigger since then goin to clinic Tuesday get his head measured then go from there x x thankyou so much for you advice x x image

  • So there already aware then if you've got clinic? I can see what you mean with it been bigger at the back, did they record the head measurements in your red book? X

  • Yea they recorded it but said he's fine yea already ready on file tht we have been about it just feels no one is listening x 

  • Think we wouldn't have been sent for a MRI if I hadn't taken him in with prolonged vomiting which is a symptom of hydrocephaluS. So head paediatrics doctor saw us and put things in motion. demand a CT/MRI at your clinic, don't take no for a awnser lol if they can waste ct scans of drunks with head injurys (I work in A&E lol) then they can check up on a child! Eliott had to be sedated under general anaesthetic so they don't like doing it unless they really have to. What date isyour appointment? X

  • Thanks I will push again am making myself ill with worrying I don't have an appointment was goin to go to baby clinic tht we have on Tuesday need to get him weighed n I'll ask for them to measure his head n see what they say x I've showed them all the pictures I have but no one has been bothered I have 3 other kids n never seen this x x 

  • Hi guys I know this was a while ago hope you don’t mind me asking char30 is you’re sons head still same shape my sons is similar he’s 2 and I keep worrying 
  • Hello! My 22 months old has the same shape as your son. We didn’t notice it before since he has head full of hair but recently we shaved the head and it became so prominent. How’s your son doing? I hope this has improved with age! I am beating myself up about this and feel so sad all the time! 
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