Faint line or evap line

Hey, im new to this and just signed on so i could ask this question. 

What is an evaporation line? What does it look like? 

Just took a 4 day early ASDA pregnancy test today (period due in 2 days) and have a very faint lineimageimage. Will add the picture so i can get opinion. Not sure if positive or evap line?? 

Have got 8 month old baby, got pregnant again 2 months after and had a miscarriage and both those test were really strong lines, not had this happen before. Whats going on! Just getting too excited i think. 


  • Looks positive to me have you tested again if so has it got darker?

  • Hi  Emma

    Thank you for your response! I forgot to reply. I am pregnant and go a darker positive day of missed period! Woohoo! Very excited, however feeling nervous as had miscarriage last time. Hoping to see this pregnancy through!. image

  • I've had 2 mc and 6months pregnant with a boy so chin up and think positive 😊 Congratulations happy  for you!! Xx

  • And now I'm 6months pregnant with a boy I mean lol

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