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Talkback: Your guide to toddler ballet classes


  • I would love to get my two daugthers into ballet! i think its such a great thing for them to learn and they always look sooo cute in the little outfits! image

  • My 2 daughters now age 7 and 6 have done ballet since the younger one was 2 and a half, they are both now about to take Primary and Grade 1 exams. They attend classes by Sheila Price and she is fantastic, she knows the children so well and really does get the best out of them My eldest always holds back when a new routine is taught, she will fiddle with shoes etc but Sheila knows this and deals with it so well.When they first start you do think how is this ballet but i can now see how it all builds up. Would def recommend doing and would esp recommend Sheila Prices classes.
  • Would love my daughter to take up ballet when she is older (only 12 months)... i just can't see an 18 month old standing still & listening to the dance leader, but you never know :)
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