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hey all!

i just gathered this thread would maybe be the most affective to post on for the concerns I'm having right now!

before I fell pregnant I was taking 20mg of citalopram, once I went for my 6week appointment my doctor weaned me off the tablets. Around 12 weeks I fell in to a bit of a dark place because of a situation I was in and my doctor put me on 50mg of setraline. it has definitely made a difference to how I go about my daily living, how I think etc. However, someone I was talking to on Sunday told me that when she had her little boy last year he had really really bad withdrawal symptoms! She said he didn't cry for 4 days and baby was shaking like he was coming off bad drugs. I'm so worried. I wish my doctor told me this before prescribing the tablets. I'm due next month and really really dread the thought of my baby going through all of this because of me! 

I'm just wondering if anyone on here has past experience with taking setraline through pregnancy and how their baby's were when they arrived!

sorry if I posted in the wrong thread also! I just didn't know where else to post..



  • I was on 150mg of sertraline through my pregnancy and my baby was born healthy and had no visible withdrawal symptoms, hope this helps :-) 

  • Hi chlooepee 

    I was on 200ml sertraline for 2 years, when myself and my partner started trying for our daughter I slowly started lowering my dose of them! when I fibally got pregnant I was down to 100mg of sertra & the doctor td me to carry on taking them as it would do myself and my unborn more harm to just stop! I took 100mg every day for my whole pregnancy! Ju daughter was born via c section at 37 weeks due to problems (unrelated to sertraline) she was 5.6oz and absolutoey fine. She is now 14 weeks and has thrived! So sertraline had no affect on her whatsoever! I am now back up to 150mg of  and going Well! I really wouldn't worry yourself 

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