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Extremly faint line on 2 test

I took two test tonight and they both have very faint and confusing lines, but they are there. Am I pregnant? Is this a false testimageimage


  • Someone please help

  • imageis this a positive it's a blue line but don't belive it, someone help

  • I would say not as it is off centre and very thin.... blue dye tests are notorious for false lines.... better to use a pink first response test

  • I've had the same thing yesterday. Going to test again tomorrow with fmu.I have been reading a lot about the evap lines on the clear blue tests, and it's deflating...  Leave it a day or two then re test as should get darker if you are.

  • It happend on 2 test last night the same thing blue line, going to test more today 

  • Don't waste any tests tonight - use the first wee of the day tomorrow morning. That will give you the most accurate result x

  • imageI'm not due my period yet for another week but I've been getting cramps took A test duno wether or not I'm seeing a very faint line? 

  • Well had 2 positive test yesterday and a clear negative today, think this may drive me mad

  • Was it using first morning urine? Because if it wasn't, then it could have been too diluted to give an accurate result. This is why it's recommended to use the first wee of the day. 

  • The ones I took at night had 2 lines and the one from this morning from when I first woke was negative 

  • On the clear blue + line test the line going horizitonal and vertical should be similar thickness and colour to show positive. Blue dyes really just give false hope. pink dyes are far more clear. Good luck x

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I got 4 slight positives and still no period and every symptom in the Book. It's safe to say these tests were right!

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