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True or not?

probably me just being paranoid cause it hasn't actually sunk in yet . I'm due on tomorrow and I tested today and had 4x positive results . Am I pregnant? im just worried I'll have a chemical pregnancy. 

Any advice? what do you think? 

Im still getting slight period cramps too is that normal? 



  • Hun u are DEFO  pregnant so believe it xxx congratulations and stop worrying ok xxx 

  • Thankyou ☺️ I think I'm still in shock! xxx

  • Awww it's exciting hun. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my son ( now 10) . U never fully believe it until u see that first scan. Ur constantly checking down below at the slightest bit of dampness hoping it's gonna be clear. And u cud have all the symptons in the world but until u see that scan it's "but am I really pregnant " lol xxx all totally normal xxx

  • Ah thankyou that's reassuring to hear cause thsts how i feel ! ☺️ It's confusing cause I still have period pain feelings as if I'm going to come on - is that normal ? Xxx

  • Yes hun totally normal and sometimes stabby pains as well. It's because everything starts shifting and muscles start stretching. By about week 12 ur uterus will have moved up and ur bowel shifted as well so in the very earky weeks u will bloat and get many many cramps and pains and twinges xxx

  • When I found out I was pregnant I still had af cramps at the time I was due on.... it's just your body adjusting 

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