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New here as going crazy and need advice pls

So after my lap and dye on the 5th Jan my period was due Sunday but it's still not arrived. I'm nauseous, had itchy sore nipples that have now led to my boobs being really achy and hurting, also weird shooting pains in both of them. Iv been cramping to the point I think im coming on but nothing. Walking home from school run today I really thought af had arrived, but when I got home and checked, no! Im hungry but can't eat without feeling like it's gonna come back up. Iv even gone off certain foods. When i do eat i have indigestion and heartburn. I have been having headaches that won't go. 
I feel like I'm losing the plot. Because surely i can't be pregnant as I had the surgery during this cycle. So I'm thinking it's messed me up. ?!
Does anyone know if the lap and dye can cause all these symptoms and make me feel pregnant?!?! 
I haven't tested because I can't bare another negative test to be honest. I keep having sex to try bring af as normally that would work, not this time though. 


  • Anyone please? I'm so confused


  • I would suggest taking a test anyway, if you're getting all the symptoms then it's possible. Sorry to hear you've been finding it hard, best wishes. x

  • It's just a camera they're so tiny and will just see if u have blockages etc. I cant see how it wud mess up ur af So yes u very well may be pregnant which wud be fab xxx I hope it is do a test and let us know xxxx

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