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Symptom spotting- BFP

Hello ladies, 

I write this post to help whoever is looking for some reinsurance.. I did read tons of posts here and there and I am very greatful I found some ppl with similar symptoms. 😊

So I wrote a list of things I sensed during the '2ww', what was only 10 days in the end. In advance to my list: I am currently BFing my nearly 16 months old, also it seems I got acid reflux, which is getting worse ASAP I conceived. (Or at least I am more aware of it), and one more thing: cervical position. Right after I O-d, my cervix moved up, and stayed up high, I can hardly reach it (tmi sorry!).

1dpo- sore nipples, dull cramps, gassy, maybe bit more thirsty, dry lips & skin, diarrhoea 

2dpo- gassy, sore nipples, discomfort in abandonment, dry lips, dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination, diarrhoea

3dpo- cramping, gassy, spot on chin, thirst, frequent urination, diarrhoea

4dpo- cramping, headache (windy outside), itchy nipple, gassy, thirst, frequent urination

5dpo- lots of cramps, thirst, headache, frequent urination, lower back pinch, hungry, craving salty, buttery foods for supper, feeling cold

6dpo- hungry, stuffed nose, headache, smells are stronger, feeling cold, lower backache, tired

7dpo- tired, cold, lower backache, stuffed nose, thirst, cramps, bleeding gum, dry skin

8dpo- slept 10 hours, feeling good(!), tiredness by pm, itchy nipples, emotional (maybe we missed it?), thirsty, dry skin

9dpo- feel full before finished meal, bloated, gas cramps, hungry - don't fancy anything, nauseous(!!- maybe we got it?)

10dpo- bloated, thirsty, frequent urination, gas cramps, backache, taste changed (don't l


  • Sorry, son pressed sent before I finished 😅

    So 10 dpo- (I don't like Marmaide, but today it is taste and smell good!) pm test with Frer- BFP!

    Well, that is all.. I wrote the list to be sure I won't get overexcited next month if I have the same symptoms. 😁 

    Good luck & baby dust to you all ❤️ X

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