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Help! 2 positives or blue line disappointment?

HI ladies! We have been ttc over 14 months,  with one miscarriage last may.  Can I get your opinion; the top test is today mid-day and the line showed up at like exactly 10 minutes (package said read between 2 and 10) bottom is 2 days ago.  What do you think? 2 positives or just blue line false hope? I've had a brown discharge (sorry tmi) and lower pelvic cramps, and I'm super moody. Any ideas? One pic is untouched, 2nd is edited. imageimage


  • Following exact same thing has happened to me also sorry can't help but deffo see the pregnancy confirmation lines saying positive when is af due?

  • AF is due Friday,  so I'm still quite early.  I'm just a poas addict and can't help myself.  I can see the lounge on the test today is darker, at least in person it is.  Are you waiting for a bfp too?

  • Afraid those lines look like Evaps as they are really skinny and off centre.... if not due till Friday theN you are testing too early really. Try a pink dye test as they are more reliable and wait a few more days... good luck

  • Thank you! So for my own knowledge, evaporation lines are not in fact due to evaporation? These lines showed up in the time window when the test was most definitely not dry, so how could evaporation take place so quick andelivery in the time frame?

  • And* in* (not delivery) :)

  • They can be marks left behind as the dye sweeps across. I have tried a blue dye even though I knew for a fact I wasn't Pg and had a blue cross. the same can happen on the first responses.... they leave an indent mark that happens when the urine goes across.

    at 8dpo you are testing v early.... implantation is  6-12 and the hcg takes 4 days to show up..... just wait a few more days 

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