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Pregnant after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage on 20th October 2016 and now I am around 6 weeks pregnant again, has anyone ever had this happen? Has the pregnancy been successful after this??Doctor told me not to stress but cant help but ask heaps of questions!!



  • Hi, 

    I had an early miscariage (chemical pregnancy) back in feb last year. Took me 6months to fall pregnant again. I am now 28weeks pregnant my baby is healthy everything is fine. You are lucky to fall pregnant again so quickly which in fact is very common. Try not to stress I know its easy said then done. I went for private scan at early stages to put my mind at ease. The relaxed and happy u are better for the baby. Good luck 

  • I had a miscarriage in January last year, I had another miscarriage in may last year.. I found out I was pregnant again in June and I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, got 35 days left til due date! 😁 it took me 10 days to conceive after second miscarriage.. Good luck and congratulations! Xx

  • I've had 2 mc and got pregnant 6 months after my last one and now 26weeks pregnant I was worried to begin with but once I got past the number of weeks i lost my first 2 I became more chilled out and just took each day as it came don't stress 😘

  • I had a mc just over a year ago and just found out I'm pregnant again I am stressed out aswell every twinge has me running to the loo to check for blood I'm driving myself mad 😑

  • Hiya all, I too had a missed mc late October last year and lost baby early November at 9 weeks 😔. I have since found out I'm pregnant, reckon about 8-9 weeks at the moment and yes you do worry- I think it's only natural. I am trying my best to just think positive and be as relaxed as possible. Ive had twinges but hope that's just the regular type pulling pains you get. Wishing you all the best of luck x x 

  • Your womb is growing rapidly so aches and pains are normal 😊 Once you get past the first scan you start to relax more x

  • Hey everyone, I had a miscarriage early December (at 5 weeks) and found out last week I am pregnant again, no AF in between. Two BfPs and Digital preg test says I'm 3 weeks plus.. going by ovulation signs I think I ovulated around 28th / 29th Dec.. got my doctors appt lined up and going to hopefully see EPU second week of Feb.. just trying to be as calm as possible about everything but it is hard.. lovely reading the positve posts ladies. Xx

  • Congratulations on the BFP! 😁 I too fell pregnant really quickly after a miscarriage, 10 days in fact! Its hard to not expect the worst when you've already been through it. Every little thing I was on the loo checking for blood haha, I also cried myself to sleep the night before my 12 week scan cause I expected bad news! Just take it easy, the calmer you are the happier the baby! Good luck with the next 9 months xx

  • Thanks Jazziiey :) I feel so nervous this time round... trying to be as positive as possible though.. and yeah I get what you mean I'm like that too always checking in case their is blood.. aww well done to you too falling so quick and I am glad all going well with you too :) i remember we spoke on another post when I was in limbo not knowing when I was going to have an AF after miscarriage.. I think I ovulated about 2-3 weeks after but really can't be spot on.. But going by my clear blue 3 weeks plus test I done on Saturday hopefully by time I see my GP next week 3rd Feb il try get epu early scan the week after... My Mr doesn't want to tell anyone this time round as we told immediate family as was so excited at first being our first little one... in all fairness I have told my mum as she is my rock. Just want to get the next 8-9 weeks out the way :) will keep in touch though xxX

  • Just take each day as it comes I was trying 18 months before I got a successful pregnancy and I still panic now and nearly 7 months pregnant if I haven't felt him I've much in the day and things but take it day by day ❤

  • You are all amazing and have calmed my nerves a lot and knowing I'm not the only 1 going through it or that I am being overly paranoid hope everything goes well for all of us I have my 1st midwife appointment on Thursday I'm hoping to get a scan asap so fingers crossed xx

  • That's right Emma, best to take each day as it comes... When I think of how I was this time last month so down after the miscarriage leading up to xmas and now trying to be as positive as possible..

    Good luck with your first midwife appointment Loraboo, keep us posted.

    I will touch base again with you all in two weeks :) xXx

  • Chelseajojo.. Me and my partner didnt want to tell anyone either but I made the mistake in telling my nan and then I think the whole world found out haha I didn't wanna jinx anything by telling people but she couldnt keep her mouth shut haha! The first 12 weeks fly by, I found that the last 2 months drag! Haha xxx

  • Hiya everyone, just wanted to update you all with my EPU appt today.. went in with an open mind thinking whatever is to be will be.. still didn't have any spotting etc so it was just a reassuarance scan after miscarrying in early December...

    I have amazing news today.. I found out I am expecting twins!!! They are about 8 weeks!! I conceived two weeks after my miscarriage.. I cant believe it.. seeing the heartbeats of our precious little beans!! My OH and I are over the moon... got specialist appt booked for March and booking appt moved forward as honestly didnt think I was that far along.... 

    lots of love to you all 


  • Aw yay so happy for you!! Congratulations :D good luck for the next 9 months carrying 2!! Its hard enough with 1 haha.. Best feeling ever though 

    Lots of love to you and both of your babies! :) x

  • Aww congrats thats lovely news 

    yes must agree it's hard carrying one especially turning over in bed and putting socks on 😂

  • I feel like a turtle on its back when I try to turn over in bed 😂 I hate having to put socks on and boots! I always get my OH to take them off for me 😂 how long do you have left? 

  • I have 10 weeks left 😑 And constantly need to pee I might as well live on the loo haha

    how many weeks u got left? X

  • I know that feeling too! I can't go half an hour without needing to wee!! 😂 I only have 16 days left, its dragging so much now I just want my body back !😂😂

  • Aww thank you ladies.. and wow not long now for you both!! Exciting times!! 

    we are over the moon.. and nervous.. scared.. so many things going round in our heads but the Mr is still holding out on telling his mum until 12 weeks... my mum was my rock throughout the miscarriage in December and came to EPU yesterday she is absolutely made up with happiness. I am an only child so even more special for her. wow what a journey we have ahead of us... 

    Theres a possibility of "exaggerated" symptoms being as there are two babies so touch wood iv not come across morning sickness... yet.. but yes the trips to the toilet are more often lol i will have to go on maternity leave sooner too with twins... 

    lots of love girlies :) xxx

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