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Is this a positive?!?!

imageimage 6 days before AF due..clear blue + - gave me this. Heard a lot about blue dye false positives. Just wondering what u guys think..



  • It's also a lot clearer in real life..the strait vertical line is blue aswel 

  • I have had that before and I was defs not PG. The blue dyes can't be relied on. Wait a few days and test again. 6 days before AF is super early to be testing x

  • Yeah I have heard that aswel..will be waiting I think for a few days may get a frer and take in a few days. X

  • Definitely. I did it as an experiment.... expensive I know but there it was clear as day when I was in full flow AF and had had negs on FRER

  • Oh no :( going to wait then a few days and retest I think..spotting again this morning and tender breasts:/ will wait and

  • imageI got this day before yesterday then today got a negative with another one so is it just that it's too early for the other test to pick up my hcg

  • Maybe it is too early...I took another this morning seems negative aswel going to wait a few days. I can see a line on urs aswel tho. Xx

  • image this was last night's one again 

  • Took another test this morning was negative :/ what could be happening? Phoned clear blue aswel and to email them my positive and they said it's defiantly a positive! So why is negative now!

  • Try a first response pink dye, I stay away from blue dye tests as only heard bad things.

    Best of luck x

  • Thanks hun..guna do one in a few days I think..had another 2 posive from clear blue that's 4 now so very confused! Need to just stop testing and wait lol image

  • Are you doing all tests with first morning urine?

  • If you're testing with first morning urine and getting a postive and then testing later in the day the urine won't be as concentrated so will contain less hcg and at still 4 days before AF is due it's unlikely you would get a postive later in the day.

    I would say either wait until AF is due and test again or try a first response pink dye test and you should get a definite result you can trust x

  • Yes 3 with  FMU.. but your right I'm going to wait now till AF is due instead of getting my hopes up. I have bought fr test so will do that if no AF :) thanks hun xx 

  • Fingers crossed for you x

  • Getting lots of cramping now :/ and breasthma are sore! Cramping does kind of feel a little like AF cramps however it's more in the middle instead of all over lower area so still confused. Not testing until AF is due though.

  • When is af due for you?

  • Think it's tomorrow or Thursday 

  • Not long to wait 😀

    Fingers crossed you get a definitive answer by Thursday x

  • Aw thanks so much hun :) still getting the cramps have a feeling the witch will make an appearance but still a couple of days yet :/ will let u know xx

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