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Faint line 15dpo? Am I pregnant?



I'll try keep this sweet and short, but I basically finished ovulation on the 12th-13th of Jan. By the 18 late at night i had Implantation bleeding and a left pelvic pain ( kinda like a period but less intense). The bleeding was spotting ( hardly anything there) and brown. The thing is I still get abit of spotting still and it's now the 28th of Jan. Anyway I took a pregnancy test today and  I can see a very faint line, but if im 15dpo, shouldn't it be more visible? Can anyone else see the line? 

 body tells me am pregnant but the test isn't convincing.  


  • Hey gemz ,

    Looks like a positive to me! Id try agein in 2 days with fmu and hopefully you will get a darker positive. You may just need to let your hcg levels build up a little. Best of luck!x

  • Oh thanks so much. I will take another in a few days. God this is so nerve recking lol! 

  • No problem sending lots of baby dust your way! Good luck xx

  • Thank you 😊Xx

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