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Pregnancy test confusion!

Hi all, I did a HPT last Tuesday and it was positive 1-2 weeks, 3 more after that also had faint positive lines. I've been to the doctors to to let them kno I think I'm pregnant. I then stupidly did a digital test again yesterday afternoon after a lot of liquid consumption and it said 'not pregnant' I have since started light bleeding this morning and another pregnancy not with a BFN. 

I really can't get my head around what's happening, my husband and I were so happy and now I'm so confused, anybody else had this situation?? Needing answers now :( 


  • maybe you hcg level aren't high enough for the digital.

    ive had bleeding too I'm hoping it's all ok tho.  alittle bit of spotting can be normal anywhere in the first trimester. 

    Msybe wait a few days ( I know the wait is awful) and test again in as soon as you wake. 

    Fingers crossed for you x

  • Thanks Gemz444 I'm keeping my fingers crossed. How far along are you? Hoping the bleeding stops by tomorrow so I can test again but if not I'll just have to wait :( 

    Good luck to you x

  • If I am, il be 4weeks 3 days ( incl last period). from today I'm 5 days late  (I've  never been late in all my 34 years on this earth) I had implantation spotting on the 18th and the spotting as carried on very light since then. But the bleeding as I say can be ok, what is puzzling me is my test what I took yesterday 15dpo it was very very faint. so I'll be testing again to in a day or so.

    thanks for your wishes, sending them right back to you. 

    thought I'd show you my faint line below,

    But fingers crossed for us both xx


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