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  • Hi everyone! 

    I got my BFP on Monday too!

    I've been in contact with my GP and they have booked me in for my first appointment in March! This seems like ages away! 

    Any advice before then as this will be my first and I only came off the pill in December. It's all very new to me.


  • Hey Boycey13, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your BFP! Have you told anyone yet? 

  • Not yet!

    My OH keeps asking if we can tell but I just feel nervous because it's still so early! I wanted to wait until my first appointment but because that's so far away I think I'll have to at least let my mum know before then! 

  • HI ladies, congratulations! Not sure if you read my above post or not! I'm current 5 weeks and 1 day! Hg1987, I called my doctors the day I found out and booked straight in with a midwife! I'm not sure if other surgerys do that too! Hope that helps answer your question

  • Hi all!! I got my BFP on Monday 😊😊 we are super excited! I had a chemical pregnancy back in October and have been desperate to conceive again! I'm due 9/10/2017! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all! Where's everyone from? Z

  • Hi Aimee Louise - welcome and congratulations! It would seem loads of you on this thread all discovered your BFP's on Monday - we wonder if you'll all have similar due dates? 

  • Thanks! seems like a bit of a mix (id asked this question in another forum too) ill probably give them a call beforehand and check. :)

  • Hey Hg1987, I spoke to my doctors yesterday and they have booked me an appointment straight with the midwife. my appointment is at the end of the month when il be about 7 weeks I think. I don't think it's really sunk in for me yet. 

    This is my first time, can anyone give any info on what will happen on my first app? 

  • Hi everyone!

    I found out I was pregnant on Weds and I'm due on 10th Oct. This is my second baby. My little boy Alfie is 3. I'm so excited! Not really having any symptoms yet but I had really bad morning sickness with my first pregnancy so I'm waiting for it to arrive at any time!

    Hope everyone is well x

  • Hello ladies, my name is Danielle. I need some advice please. I took this first response test yeaterday 12 dpo and this test strip today 13 dpo. I went out this morning to get a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant. My hopes are so high but I'm so confused too...what do you think to these faint positives? they're both pink lines to the eye, not great on photos. If I am pregnant I would be due in October too :)

    image image

  • The clear blue digitals aren't very sensitive. I had the same problem...I left it a few days and then got a positive on the clear blue! 

  • Thanks for the reply boycey13, fingers crossed 🙏🏻

  • Hi CLH88, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations! Let's hope you skip the morning sickness this pregnancy. Do you remember how many weeks you were, when it kicked in last time?

    Hi Lomey, welcome to MFM! Fingers crossed for you and please do let us know how those other tests go over the next few days, won't you? 

  • WWe're finally pregnant after trying since May :) so excited. We are 5 weeks and due October 6th 2017. 

    Only one symptom so far and that's excessive cramping. So painful. It's been happening for over a week now (we found out when we were 3 weeks 5 days) and isn't settling down.

    So excited congratulations to you all :)

  • I can see the pregnancy line on both. Very fare but it's definatly there. Congratulations x

  • Hi Violetsmummy, congratulations! Will this be your second baby? We really hope that cramping eases off soon too. 

  • It's actually my third.

    I had elouise who would be 6 next month but sadly has gained her wings and violet who is 20 months ❤

    the cramping comes and goes I had it with both my previous pregnancies so not worried about it its just very comfortable.

    Thank you for the congratulations xx

  • It started at about 7 weeks last time and lasted till at least 20 weeks so hopng it isnt the same this time round x

  • imageimage

    Hi guys I had my BFP on Monday to and I think I'm about 5 weeks today 😊I should be Due around 8th October I'm very excited but a bit worried aswell I have a beautiful daughter who is 4 already but unfortunately i had a miscarriage in August last year which was a difficult time !! so just trying to stay positive this time round I feel totally fine in myself tbh so fingers crossed this time round congratualtions to you all expecting to ❤️ X

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