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Due in October 2017



  • Hiya Stacee1990, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your BFP! We're sorry to hear of your loss last year, but would like to wish you a super sticky bean. 

  • Hi all this is my first pregnancy , I did a clear blue Friday & it said 3+ weeks but they say to add 2weeks is this correct ? got appointment on the 14th with the midwife , it's all excitimg but  nervous too with it been early days 

  • hi k1r5ty88 - yes the clear blue tells you how long since conception but doctors etc date a pregnancy from the first day of your last period. Confusing!

    ive just done a clear blue as well - id done two others earlier in the week but wanted to check again as I think it's still not sunk in!

    is anyone else feeling completely exhausted? i cant believe how tired I am so soon! X

  • I feel exhausted too and I've had backache all week! Other than that it hasn't hit me at all yet. 

  • No back ache for me yet, I've had some minor cramps but the tiredness is the main thing! that and the unpredictable tears that seem to have popped up out of nowhere haha X 

  • I feel tired I could sleep for England lol I feel full quickly when eating , feel sick after eating and just before I go sleep. 

    this is all new to me so any advice or help will be appreciated 

  • hg1987 - I've done 5 tests in a week just to check because It wouldn't quite sink in , only told my mum & my partner on friday after knowing for nearly a week ,just didn't know how to tell them lol 

  • Hi K1R5TY88, welcome to MFM and congratulations! How did you mum and partner take the news? 

  • Thank you 😊

    My mum was over the moon it's her first grandchild , my fella was in shock for 2 days but hes over the moon & wrapping me up in cotton wool lol 

  • That's exactly how you want it to be - so sweet K1R5TY88

  • Yeah Its definitely sweet , just want get these next  couple of weeks out the way with no problems so I can tell everyone 

  • Oh my god I actually just got the positive confirmation I've been waiting for!! I am so beyond words!! I'm officially in the october club 😍


  • Congratulations 😊

  • Hooray Lomey! Aren't those test wonderful, seeing it in black and white! Welcome (officially!) and congratulations! 

  • Thank you so much DanielleMFM! it was an amazing Moment! Danielle x

  • Congratulations Lomey! Definately worth the wait!

  • flas to know the tired-ness isnt just me! i seem to be feeling really full and bloated after not much food too! 

  • So glad its not just me feeling the tiredness! I just put it down to my age lol. xx

  • Got my first appointment on the 14th Feb , what should I expect ? 

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