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Advice please

Hey I'm looking for advice ..I'm 35 weeks pregnant..have to have planned c my date couple weeks time.  I already have a 6 year husband is reluctant to have paternity as rubbish pay..and his job doesn't give much holiday time either..

So my worry is I will have this section maybe out of action for up to 6 how do I get son to have to drive it's quite far can I cope if hubby won't take paternity...????  Love some advice..


  • You can drive as soon as you feel comfortable doing so BUT I think your OH needs to be a bit more prepared. 

    OK, my twins were an emergency section at 35wks gestation BUT I was on the ward bed ridden with a catheter fitted for a good 5 hours after the section, I then had to prove that I could go to the toilet with no issues, I then had to prove that I could get up & down stairs ok, I had to prove that I could manage lifting, changing & feeding baby...I spent 5 days on the ward followed by another 9 in neonatal establishing feeding as my twins weren't gaining husband had spent all of his paternity leave whileI was in hospital as he had the older girls to look after, he took a third week off to help me out for my first week at home to make sure I wasn't overdoing things.

    In short, if OH isn't taking paternity leave then get another friend or family member on stand by now, you are likely to need them for the first 24hrs minimum 

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