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Due in November 2017

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in November 2017, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • Hello! 

    Hopefully I can find some new buddies to chat with, I am due on the 8th November and am 4 weeks pregnant! I found out at 9DPO, which is almost a week ago. I had a MC in November 16 and CP in January 17, despite that am trying to be positive with this pregnancy. So far so good, I feel stronger this time. I had my 'CBD confirmation' 2 days ago and my BFPs are getting nice and dark! 

    So excited and nervous at the same time! 

  • Hiya Jadeelx! Congratulations on your pregnancy and also being the first person here in Due in November! 

    We are so sorry to read of your past loss, and would love to wish you the stickiest of beans. And don't you just love those digi tests! 

  • Hi!

    I'm due on 6th November and cannot wait. This is my first pregnancy, but we've been trying for a while. I'm experiencing some pain in my righy ovary, but was advised this is normal.

    Hope to hear from other mums about their experiences!


  • Hi lodejka! Welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your pregnancy! It's lovely to have you here. 

  • Congratulations Marta! How are you feeling, do you have many symptoms yet?

    Jade x

  • Hi Jade, 

    I'm feeling quite, but extremely exhausted, sometimes I can't keep my eyes open! My breasts are also sore, but no other symptoms yet. I'm waiting for my booking appointment to make sure everything is okay.

    What about you? Did you experience any symptoms?


  • I was feeling exhausted today, couldn't keep my eyes open while driving, could feel my head going I was so tired! I had spotting before I got my BFP which I thought was implantation, and still seem to be having it now which has made me nervous... hopefully it stops! 

    I havent referred yet for a booking in as I want to wait a week or so and make sure this spotting doesn't turn into a chemical. If all looks okay next week I'll make the referral! Fingers crossed. 

  • Hi! I'm due on the 5th November with #3! Feeling ok so far except a bit more tired and headaches- so exciting! A little nervous about the 15 month age gap between this Bub and my dd though!!! Is anyone else pregnant with a small age gap? 

    Igor all the maternity clothes back down yesterday- hopefully it's still a long time before I need them!!!! 

    Looking forward to chatting with you girls!

    hannah 😀

  • Hi Hannah86, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations on number 3! That's so good you still have all your maternity clothes - one less thing to have to worry about buying. Lovely to have you here! 

  • Congratulations Hannah! Very happy for you. I don't have any children so can't help you with the small age gap x

  • Thanks ladies image congrats on your pregnancies as well! so exciting and surreal in the beginning ay! i can wait for dating scan in two weeks so I can see the little heart flutter and relax a bit! have you guys got scans coming up as well or waiting for 12 weeks?

  • Yes so exciting isn't it! 

    When I had my last MC she told me to come in for a scan to check everything at around 7 weeks, so I think I will probably book something in around then to give me piece of mind. I love that little flutter.

    I only notice the spotting I've been having when checking my cervix, my DH has told me to promise to stop doing it! I feel better as the spotting isn't actually making it out into my knickers, so its not actually something I should worry about. I think I'm just panicking way too quickly. I want to try and treat this as in I still have the same statistics of any other pregnancy if that makes sense? Haven't seen any spotting today anyway so Im hoping it was just from implantation! 

  • Sounds totally like implantation to me- im sure it will all be ok but I can only imagine how on edge you would feel after having had a mc last time- try to relax! 

  • Thanks hun, I am trying!

    My boobs are sore today which I a good sign :D I think in a few days all be in soft bras again as the underwired ones are already feeling tight. I got a few from Asda last time I was pregnant and they are so comfortable x

  • How painful do they get! It usually gets better after 12 weeks or so- I haven't got that yet but not long since I stopped breast feeding so they are probably confused! i found the soft croptops were perfect- too sore to squish into a bra! 

  • Hi Ladies, we literally got a positive test this morning  -  we weren't sure because the line was quite faint so we are going to the clinic for a blood test today! Cant believe it! WE used the IUI process and are two weeks in i think. 

    Bit scared to tell anyone just yet as  miscarriage risk so high. Have you shared and with whom? 

  • Congrats Ericas and welcome!

    I haven't told anyone yet as I want to wait until I know everything is going to be okay, or atleast until I have had the 12wk scan, as I have had a miscarriage before.

    Everyone is different though, some people want to have the support of their family either way so they feel comfortable telling early.

    Do you have any idea of what your estimated due date is?

  • Early bovember  looks like! I've told my mum and step mum but that's it for now just in case. 

  • Yay so exciting! Happy for you x

  • Likewise! Still Hans require sink in - waiting for blood test tomorrow!!!

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