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Early signs of labour?

Just wondering whether labour might be  impending!😬

Twice during the last week I've lost large globs of mucus which I'm wondering whether it's part of my plug, the last 2 or 3 nights I've slept unusually poorly (hot, sweating, very restless), and every time I walk anywhere I'm getting tightening that are painful. Oh and I've been particularly moody/tearful.

Anyone had similar symptoms before labour started?


  • I lost my plug a week before both my births (it seemed like it was never ending the amount that came out! sorry if TMI!) - and the constant feeling of needing to poo in the week before giving birth were defo my symptoms. When are you due? 

  • Hi Bobbie, im due 22nd march, but am now booked in for a c section on 16th March (I can't go through the induction process for medical reasons). 

    Im just holding out hope that baby might decide to arrive under his own steam!

  • Oh well baby is going to be here soon enough - whether they decide to come on their own or via c-section (good luck!). 

  • Hi Bethyo, we just saw your thread and thought you might find this article interesting! 

  • Hello lovely, 

    I had a few early labour signs.. That I never knew were signs until after. I was as you explained overwhelmly emotional about a week before then I had almost a nervous feeling in my tummy the few days running up. I also has a really dodgy tummy 24 hours before. Are you booked in for a sweep? I couldn't get one on my due date as baby wasn't engaged but got one at 41 weeks at 2pm and baby was born 2am so 12 hours later!! My plug came away during my sweep too and they can also tell you how your cervix is looking... Good luck xxx

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