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When will this end

I'm really struggling, I've had 3 miscarriages in 10 months. I had a very straightforward pregnancy with my little boy who is now 4, and I'm desperately trying to give our son a sibling but failing miserably! I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. This has to be the worst loss. I had a scan at 8 weeks and heartbeat was found, I'd had brown discharge throughout to be told thàt was normal but clearly it's not as had another scan at what I thought I was 11 weeks and the baby had died at 10 weeks, and I never had this discharge with my first. I know I'm lucky to have my little boy but after 3 losses I feel so angry and fed up. I just want some answers as to why this keeps happening, I'm sick of the it's just bad luck phrase! I won't give up and will keep trying until I succeed but just at this very moment I'm fed up, had the surgery to remove the baby a week ago, I just want to be pregnant again! I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I can't do this, don't want to talk to anyone I know as they don't understand and I'm fed up with the comments like when are you going to have your second baby, believe me, I'm trying! 

Sorry for moaning! X x 


  • Hello hun, sorry for your losses, it truly is a difficult thing to go through. 

    Have you had your progesterone levels checked? x

  • Thanks for your reply. No I haven't had progesterone checked although did mention this to my GP that could I have this done as well as my thyroid as I know that both of these if not right can cause recurrent loss. The hospital are doing recurrent bloods, but I think that will only test that sticky blood thing, or I maybe wrong, they didn't really tell me what it will test for, they only took 4 vials of blood so that's not going to test much is it!  think I need more tests than just that. My GP said if progesterone or thyroid isn't checked she'll make sure it's done. We're also thinking we may go private if no luck with the NHS. They've also sent the baby away for testing. 

    I'm not really in the know with all of this, so you maybe able to help, is progesterone checked through a blood test? How do they work out if it's normal? X x 

  • Thats good that they are doing testing. They should be able to see progesterone levels if they have taken 4 vials. When I've been going through a MC and they were testing my HCG they seemed to report on the progesterone as well, so seems to be within the same test. Problem is with the NHS is that they said my progesterone levels were lower than normal, however due to their guidelines they do not actually prescribe it since they believe there isn't enough evidence to show whether it benefits a pregnancy or not. The EPU nurse kind of said that if the pregnancy is going to fail then progesterone will just prolong that, however from researching online and speaking with private clinics I've learnt that taking it doesn't cause any negative effects and only benefits you if you have low levels and helps give any developing pregnancy the best environment.

    I am pregnant again after 2 miscarriages and have the brown discharge again, but I've got an appointment this week with a private clinic to get put on progesterone suppositories. At least if this pregnancy fails I would have tried everything, however I am thinking positive and that isn't going to happen.

    I really hope you get your answers x

  • Congratulations, I really hope it works out for you, got my fingers crossed! 

    All I can do then is wait for these bloods, Hospital said they'd be back in 2 weeks, so it's a week gone already, so hopefully only another one to go! They said if I don't hear from them to call them. 

    Private clinic wise, I live in Cornwall but willing to travel as I need answers, I've heard of Dr shehata who I think is based epsom way, I've also seen a couple of clinics in Bristol only due to the fact wouldn't be as far to travel. Do you recommend anywhere, has your clinic been a good one? I hope you don't mind me asking. 

    Also would the private clinic prescribe progesterone if needed seen as NHS don't believe in it so to speak!

    Sorry for all of the questions! X x 

  • Thank you!

    Well the clinic I've been speaking to is in London (women's wellness centre), so not sure if thats a little far! But before I even made an appointment with them I called up and explained my situation fully, and asked about progesterone and they told me that if you need it they will be happy to prescribe it and its something they do. Also it seems that with many fertility centres they do give patients progesterone as standard. Just have a look online and call up as many places as you can and explain your situation and ask what they can offer you/recommend.

    Hope that helps, I know everything will work out x

  • Thank you so much for your help, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it when you feel so worn out with it all. I really hope this is your sticky bean, as you deserve it! And I hope you're right about things working out for me in the long run! I won't give up, I suppose determination is also needed in all of this, the people who give up are the ones who fail I suppose, that's the only way I can look at it! X x 

  • You're so welcome hun. My OH always says we will never give up and I agree, its something we want so bad so we have to be prepared to keep going no matter what, we will get both our rainbow baby xx

  • I have made my first positive step and contacted a clinic in Bristol, bit nearer for us! Just waiting for them to get back to me. Just asked like you said what they can offer us basically and then we can make a decision from there. I've just turned 33 and I just don't want the NHS dragging this on! 

    You're right, got to keep going! X x 

  • Thats the spirit. I hope everything works out for you I really do, keep on with that attitude my dear. xx

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