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Due in November 2017



  • just keep resting and dont do to much haha!

    aww really, fingers crossed everything goes well! i am 4 or 5 weeks, need to work it out tonight, i am nervous to so dont worry we will all go through it together x

  • Haha Bonnie, I can certainly manage that I've only just got up from my nap because my cat woke me up....otherwise I'd still be in bed! 

    Awww lovely, well let us know when you've worked it out :) 

    Defo, sounds like a plan re getting through other together as well. How are you feeling, have you had any strong symptoms? Xx 

  • I know Im going to sound random and slightly crazy, however are dry hands a side effect of pregnancy?! lol. 

    Basically my hands are so dry and itchy they are literally painful at the moment when I am drying them! Im in London and it isn't that cold here, plus I'm inside most of the time? Its driving me insane, Im constantly putting blobs of cream across my strange.

  • That's strange Jadeelx but you could be on to something there! :) I've heard of stomach skin getting dry in later stages due to stretching but now you mention it my legs are mega dry they look scaly and awful! I'm going to go slather on some coco butter right now! X 

  • i have just worked it out from a follow on ap from my ttc ap and it works out i am 5 weeks!

    honestlt i havent had many symptoms, my boobs ache and i get shooting pains, pains in my right side and feeling sick oh and back ache but thats it, what about you danizoe? 

    i havent heard that one jade but everything is something haha!x

  • jade i have just looked back! i am also due on the 8th November according to my ap!x

  • Wow we are exactly the same! Exciting times.

    Stupid dry hands lol

  • Hi Jade, I've read somewhere that dry skin is quite common in pregnancy so don't worry :) it's all hormones fault! :)

  • yes exciting!,

    has everyone been to doctors yet? oe made midwife appointments?x

  • No I haven't yet, I will probably do it next week. Have you? x

  • Hi everyone, ive not had too many symptoms as yet but sore boobs , back ache and metallic taste in mouth have all made an appearance  :) I also got really achey bum and thigh muscles like I'd been to the gym just after I found out...apparently it's a hormone thing!

    I'm due 2 November which is my best mate's birthday so I'm taking that as a good sign. Awww it's nice that Bonnie and Jadeelx are due on the same day.

    I've got my first midwife appt on 17th March so looking forward to that too, then I'll be counting down the days until a scan :) xx 

  • Hello all! i am so dizzy - around the middle of the day i suddenly feel like i am going to blackout - does anyone else have this?aprat from this and the sore boobies i feel pretty good tbh! Due 12th november. 

  • Morning Erica, how are you today?  Lovely, so we're all having Scorpio babies so far :)

    I've not had any dizziness but hope it's not too disruptive for you! 

  • i am off to the doctors today, i am excited to book my scan! 

    i feel very sick today! 

    Ericas just be careful! x

  • Ericas Ive been having dizziness mid day too! I thought I was dehydrated for a while but thats definitely not the reason.

    I've been waking up to pee in the night now, I try and hold it and go back to sleep (because Im lazy), but I end up having to get up lol.

    Well my latest symptom is spots on my face, I've felt my face become so much more oily an I have well and truly broken out in spots around my chin. 

  • does anyone have bowel problems? haha x

  • Bonnie I haven't had that issue yet, but my last pregnancy I got it! I ended up downing prune juice on some days it was that bad!!

  • mines been terrible! 2 days ago and again today! 

    dont think i will be able to have prune juice lol, sounds gross!

  • Well lets say it was that bad, I had to drink it lol

    I didnt look into tablets, not sure about those, may have been an easier less gross option lol

  • oh bless you haha! i will talk to the nurse tonight when i go! 

    do you just have the one child or? 

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