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5year old nightmare

My daughter is 5 and started school this year. she has started to play one person off against the other. she hits when she cant get her own way. she will not eat her tea getting her to do something is like talking to a wall and het behaviour is a constant uphill battle. any advice would be welcomed...


  • have you tried the naughty step?It helped my kids a lot. If she will not eat her tea tempted her with a dessert of some sort once she has eaten it .

  • tell santa will not cum

  • wait tell her sanat will not cum and give her presents

  • I think this is a common problem in kids this age, well at least I hope so as my son is going through the same thing. He is impossible and no amount of discipline or threats help. Now for my own sanity I have chosen to pick my battles and pray that he outgrows it fast

  • I found when mine were 5 i took away a favourite toy and put it high but in view then told them 1 good boy/girl day and you get it back...i found after a few times it worked

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