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Talkback: Chickenpox – symptoms, treatments and prevention


  • What should you do if you're pregnant and one of your children get it?

    I'm 25 weeks and son is 13 months and it's my biggest worry.
  • Virasoothe - brilliant stuff! My 4 year old had Chicken Pox earlier this year and suffered a little with it. I tried piriton. I also gave him calpol & nurofen for temperature but nothing eased the itch like Virasoothe.. He wouldnt let me use calomine lotion... - Too Cold...

    Virasoothe is a gel you rub all over very gently and you could see on him the immediate relief and he relaxed, once I started using it he slept easier in the night too. the only down side is the price, it isnt cheap, however I would definately say this is worth the money.

    The Other thing that was recommended to me was bircarb of soda in the bath to dry out the spots or an oatmeal bath.

    If your LO has it hope they dont suffer with it too much.

    Oh ps another thing to watch out for, they can get it in strange places, H had one on his eye lash line but also one in his eye, he had a red patch, visited the doctors and he did need something special for it but no serious side effects thanks to the doctors.
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