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Talkback: Would you pay £7 for your scan photo?


  • I was supposed to be charged £5 a pic by Hillingdon hospital, but the radiographer seemed a bit embarrassed and said he would give me all four for a tenner - bargain! I was happy to stump up the cash - the images are a nice-to-have extra, not a God-given right.
  • In 2003 our 12wk scan came with a free pic and then £3 for the 20wk scan. When we had our 2nd child in 2008 it had increased to around £5 for both the 12wk and 20wks scans, and with this pregnancy they are priced at £6!! I appreciate hospitals need to make money and the ink and paper for those scan machines can't come cheap, but once you tally up the parking fee and a coffee after sitting around for ages it soon becomes a rather expensive day out! 

  • I spent most of my pregnancy in Germany where I was scanned at every appointment. The gynaecologist (it was a one man clinic) had a 4D machine and we were given scan pictures at every appointment (even when I went for an extra appointment if I had a problem) and a CD with pictures and a video of our baby in the womb. We have about 12 scan pictures and were not charged for any of them even the CD. I don't think it's right to charge and is emotional blackmail as every Mum and Dad-to-be cherish those pictures. I'm a bit apprehensive about any subsequent pregnancy as the care over here seems to be so hands-off and uncaring. Your just another patient or 'client' if you're having to pay for cherished momentos.
  • With first i was asked if i would put in the donations pot which was extra funding for special cate unit so happily did so. Second and third no charges or donations. I would have paid donations for the last 2 but would have really debated £7 each but probably would have got 1 so as a keepsake
  • I paid £4 for each of my scan photos. And if you didn't have the exact change you were sent away with nothing! I didn't mind as I was so happy to get a snap, but if I hadn't known and turned up without the right money I would have been really disappointed not to have a scan pic to show family and friends.
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