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  • Happy Mummies fay mummys and mummy's to be 😀😀xx

  • Happy mothers day everyone 

  • Happy mothers day lovely ladies :) the weather is so lovely today I'm sick of missing days like this sleeping off night shifts 

  • Won't be too long mummytoolley till you can leave xx 

  • I know things will be ok in the end. People have been having babies close together forever. Both my mum and mil did it with a smaller gap. I think it's just cause my pregnancies are shit I never get to the happy glowly stage.

    The room looks lovely. I wish I had the talent to decorate like that. My husband is useless at diy and I've got bad taste lol. We were contemplating moving house but we've decided to put it off until this time next year. 

    I put my date in to finish work so I know I don't have long to go but even the days I'm in are a struggle as I work in a call centre and it's hard to get up and down for breaks. I just don't want to end up going off sick again like my last pregnancy.

    I've bought 4 x 1 month baby grows for the hospital. Im going to get another packet of 0-3 and then nothing else as I ended up getting a lot of clothes with my son and I know I can send my mum out if I need anything urgent. The 1 month stuff is up to 10lb and if she's bigger than that she ain't coming out lol.

    Trying to sort a plan for what we'll do with our son if I go into labour in the middle of the night. My due date is the start of the Scottish school summer holidays and have a lot of teacher relatives so I know day time he'll be kept occupied it's more for the night as he's never been away from me and last time was in 5 nights.

  • Lillian2410 Ive bought 2 tiny baby outfits (incase), and a few newborn outfits to pack in my hospital bag. Ive also been given a lot of 0-3 from my sister who recently had a baby boy. So luckily im always chasing her son in clothes which means I wont have to buy many! i'm happy as shes a lot better off than me and shops in all the good shops so it saves me money since I wont be working!!

    How old was everyone when they had their first child? or having their first? im 22 and ive received a lot of comments about being young but I thought this was a normal age. back in the day women used to settle down by age 18 and start a family. It can be so patronising.

    Hope you all had a good mothers day & happy Monday! <3

  • I wouldn't be bothered I'd have had a tribe by now if I was in the position too when I was 22 lol 😂 I never thought I'd be having my first at 26 near 27 lol 

    that's so lucky all my friends had girls lol ! So no hand my downs lol 😂 

  • I'm having my first I will be 26 when this little bundle of joy comes 

  • I'm 41 but this is my 6th . I was 24 when I had my first. I felt like a young mum when my older ones started school as most of the other mums were older. Now I'm going to be loads older than the other mums lol 😂 

  • Ah so not much difference then. It shouldn't matter what age you are as long as the baby is loved and cared for. I would never make comments about someones age when pregnant. I am quite sensitive though haha.


  • I'll be 26 when he arrives. I've been feeling movement for a while now but earlier I think I felt I proper kick. Took me by surprise as it was stronger than I thought. not sure what else it could be!

  • I put a remote on my belly at the weekend and filmed him kicking me was so cute x ahh 3 of us will be 26 :)

    ive been in pain all day when I sit down I just ache so much and when I stand my foot hurts. I hope it was just a bad night.

  • Hello ladies hope your all ok? I'm starting to really struggle with work..and climbing stairs feels like a mountain 🙁🙁 

    I was 20 when I had my 1st and hospital really treated me like a young mum. This is baby number 3 and i will be 31 when he arrives. I certainly feel like I'm struggling with pregnancy a lot more this time. 

    We only told the other 2 boys Saturday that we were having a baby 😬 It seems to have gone ok!! 

  • I was 27 with my first and going to turn 29 just before this one is born.

    Locally I'd say the mums are late 20 early 30 but over where my mum stays it's a lot of rich career woman at the playgroup who are in their 40s and a lot of ivf stories so I always feel out of place if I take him to groups there. 

    I was married at 24 which everyone thought was young but I think folk just tend to be doing things a bit later, it doesn't make you wrong just some folk are more mature than others and sometimes you just don't meet the right person. My folks are about to celebrate 40 years together and my mum was 28 and my dad 35 when they got married. I tell my dad that back in the day they would have been gossiping about it thinking he was gay since he was in his 30s living with his mum but that was the 70s and was odd but nowadays pretty common. I wouldn't worry too much. Long story about nothing there lol.

    I'm struggling more and more with walking. I'm due to call my physio back as I think I'm going to need to move to walking with the crutches again :-( 

  • Katt we are very similar

    i was also 24 when I got married and 26  when I had my first -Jude and Im 29 now. I agree though that it doesn't matter how old you are as long as your happy x

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • Miracle, I'm constantly moving in the night from side to side as well. I read Somewhere that left is better but as long as it's the side it's okay. Think they say with the back it's because of squashing organs. Was at yoga the other day and she was going to let me lie on my back with blocks under my legs, so I don't know if that makes a difference. 

  • I had a take care of yourself in pregnancy workshop at the hospital and they said as long as it's not flat on your back it's ok. You can sleep propped up. When I turn over I feel like I'm moving a ton too It's so painful shifting from side to side. looks like today will be another bad back day for me it's hurting and I'm not even out of bed yet lol. As long as my little mans ok I don't care. 

    Hope everyone's well 

  • I find I only get comfortable just before I need to pee.

    I'm heading to a two day training workshop with my own pillow for work lol. It's my bum and lady area that hurt if I sit too long and I struggle to get out the chair. 

    I'm due to finish on 10/05 but not sure I'm going to make it. That's 1 week mat and the rest holidays so I'm thinking I might add two weeks of mat and finish end of April. I'm due July 1st which is why I think it seems I'm finishing really early.

    If I could work from home it would be perfect. I can't even think how I'm going to return to work with two kids so young. My MIL is probably fit enough to look after two but my mums older and already has two days with my neice so I think one would need a day at nursery. It is challenging being a working parent. I don't mind working but I've from found getting stuff ready at night and wrestling my son in the morning the hard bit. 

  • Wow I've missed so much in the last few days lol I had to spend like twenty minutes catching up. Jade ignore people like that my mum had my sister when was 18 and she was a awesome mum it doesn't matter how old you are you can be a brilliant mum at any age. I'll be 30 when I have Charlie and I was 28 when I had olly were all different. 

    How are we all today ladies :) Ive nearly finished my antibiotics and the pains in my abdomen seem to have gone altho Charlie seems to like lying on my sciatic nervw 

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