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Child Watching porn

I caught my child watching porn, what should I do?


  • How old is your child hun? You could try parenatal control if you have it? 

  •  How old the kid? If under 11ish... holy fuck how do you not have all that blocked off?

    If they're 12 and above... well they aren't really children. They're going through puberty and probably are curious. Dont forbid it, make them feel it's okay and offer to talk about it and explain if they saw something they found disturbing.

    Just be open about it.
  • I would definitely suggest Parental control, this is quite simple to implement by doing a quick google search. In what circumstance did you catch them also. Were they actually searching for it or was it something that possibly happened to pop up on screen?
  • Use a parental lock on the internet
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