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2nd miscarriage and losing hope!

Hi I'm new to this but always found people's discussions useful so I'm hoping for advice and hope really! I'm 31 and last March experienced my 1st miscarriage. I was 5+4. Woke up on Mother's Day (The irony!) with cramps that felt as if I was about to come on my period but not horrific. i went home to relax only to find pink blood when I wiped that gradually turned to red within an hour. Rang the out of hours and had an internal examination. The doctor said cervix was closed but there were clots. Sent home and I passed clots that night. Had to have repeat bloods every 48hours until HCG below 5. This brings me to today! Currently I am 6+6. I've had cramps on and off for over two weeks which people assured me was normal. On Saturday woke with light pink blood so I panicked and went to EPU where they took Bloods and did an internal examination where she said cervix closed and tummy felt soft. She felt around ovaries for pain which I didn't have. They rang with results of HCG and they were 1063 so couldn't have a scan. Repeated these 48hrs later and had only risen by 6%so they are worried it isn't a viable pregnancy and potential ectopic. I'm still having pink/brown blood/discharge and I'm booked for internal scan tomorrow. Ive prepared for the inevitable but I'm losing hope that I will ever carry a baby! Anyone else with similar experiences? 




  • I can't help spersonslly but didn't want to read and run.

    My sister in law had a little boy who will be 5 next month. Since then she has had 2 miscarriages and her last pregnancy at the 12 week scan the baby was found to have no skull so she had to terminate as baby wouldn't have survived more than and few hours after being born. She was referred to a fertility specialist after her 3rd loss and they recommended scans, bloods and her partner to be checked too. They are a bit stuck with her as everything came back normal as nd it's same partner that she has her son too. 

    They did say when she was ready to try again they would look at medicating options and likely be started on higher dose vitamins and low dose aspirin. But to date she isn't ready to try again. 

    Hope your scan goes well tomorrow. And worst case ask your GP about your future options. I'm sure after 2/3 losses that's when they begin to investigate.


  • Thank you for your reply. Just hearing other experiences does help. I hope your sister in law gets there I'll be keeping things crossed for her.


  • I know there are many women on here who have experienced multiple miscarriages so will be more help and can give more details of exact things they test. 

    As I said with my sister in law they can't understand why it's happening other than bad luck. All tests normal and she had a problem free pregnancy 1st time around.  It's an awful thing to watch someone go through and she doesn't discuss is often. 

    Let's hope your little baba is sticking in the right place this time ❤ x

  • hi, I'm a bit late on the reply. I hope everything has resolved one way or the other for you now? 

    I find the limbo of not knowing the worst part. I had 2 miscarriages before I had my DD. What you are goingredients through sounds very much like my second miscarriage, however the EPAU did scans to confirm no heart beat and no growth. 

    I just wanted to tell you not to loose faith no matter the outcome, I had a healthy pregnancy after 2 miscarriages even though at the time I never believed it possible and convinced myself I would loose my DD, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant, and have fingers crossed all is going well so far! 

    sending hugs! x

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