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Talkback: Quadruplets born after IVF


  • i agree!they will certainly have their hands full!this country is great at shelling out on medical treatment for people who ARENT entitled to it,for plastic surgery and drunken underage teens who break thier necks after accidently drinking a whole bottle of vodka...but there clearly cant be enough help for couples needin ivf or they wouldnt go elsewhere.its awful.

    hey mummabear (is it rachel?) you say u "been" on the verge does that mean your not anymore?!?!

  • Hey Lara,yeah it's Rachel-I was on the verge first time round with Tom,I'm not pregnant if you were getting excited! image Am still trying-very hard,prob dominating all my thoughts which I recently promised myself I wouldn't. How's it going for you hun?

    Came on yesterday so haven't bothered with any testing,trying hard to resist picking one up every time I'm in chemist,you know how it goes! Trying to be positive,and obviously I'm made up with the 2 I have-even if they have tested my patience of late!!!!

  • ohhhh image yes i iwas getting excited!i'm waiting trying waiting trying waiting still...tried ovulation test this month and i actually found my LH surge!not that that means ANYTHING because i can feel the pains starting already.makes it harder with never being on time so sometimes i can come on really late an get my hopes up.only ovulated a wk ago tho so i think it'll be time yet!

    i think its the heat that gets us all het up!i've found where harvey used to have to chuck his breakfast at me he now only needs to spill a drop and i get upset!!haha its the heat!xxx 

  • I'm such an idiot-bought double pregnancy test kit this am-they're on offer in tesco-sorry Lara don't want to get you as o.t.t as I am,but they are a bargain-clearblue ones are half price!!!!!!

    Obviously don't need them yet,but clearly there is something wrong with me!!!!!

    Glad o.kits giving readings-fingers crossed x

  • clear blue told me a negative twice! apparently im special lol,. good ol tescos own are the only ones ive ever got positve on, andrew joked when i tested with lola, oh its a tesco your pregnant and i was,

    got my fingers crossed for you ladies, i never officially ttc, my babies were 'suprises' for him, no only jokin lol! xxx

  • Oh no have I just bought duff tests???!!! Great,see a sale sign and I'm there!
  • no i didnt mean that, they are just crapola for me, everyone else i say it to sayes theyre the only ones they get positive on, mind you my kids dnt exactly act human so a normal test might not show em loL!
  • Oh right!!!! I only ever did 1 with Tom,knew with Jc but left it for doc to test!!!! Think it was a real cheapo that confirmed it first time for me.

    God I hope I get to use them this cycleimage Wish I only need the one.

  • best of luck hun x
  • Cheers I need it!!!!! Been ssoooooo long trying again image However I shall be a trouper and keep my spirits up! Got my dirty night away to think about and look forward too!image
  • rachel i saw them!!!they were right at eye level in our store at the start!! i was with my dad and he said do u need one of these???i felt so embarassed he had suggested it that i darent pick them up....might online shop next wk tho....eek!i'm not gonna test if i can help it.look at me being all braveimage day to go...tho really it can be any time from last tues to next weds as 38 days my longest cycle...laura my first was a suprise...but not this time image  come on baby dust sprinkle us and our tests!! i tested neg with cheapo test but positive with clearblue and sainos own brands....i really truly hope you only need one rachel xx

  • Thankyou Lara and me! Hope baby dust is showering you as I type x x God how embarassin-your dad would have gone bright red bless him! Mmm go on-line-saving of over a fiver is good!

    I haven't told big fella I got them,trying not to put imaginary pressure on him!!!image


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  • Having been on the verge on having to have IVF I can understand how desperate couples can get,the NHS foots the bill for dodgy plastic surgery so they'll probably shell out if complications do occur.

    Maybe the NHS should take a look as to why these desperate couples travel,then perhaps there will be no 'bill' if and when complications arise.

    Think this couple are very lucky indeed-don't envy the work load for those first few months!!!! Congratulations to the six of them I say!

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