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ttc after a micarriage

hey all ... so i gave birth to my baby girl back in dec 2011 .. and shes now 6months old . 3months after having her i had some symptoms and thought i might be preg so i did a test and yep i was pregnant already 12 weeks too lol so like got preg like straight after having her .. ofc at first i was shocked and not sure what i wanted because it was so soon after having my little girl and i didnt know if i could cope or if my body could cope. But after a while i got excited and started thinking of names etc and even brought some stuff .

Then came the day of my first scan i was so excited and was finally gonna get to see my baby.. sadly thou on the screen was only a empty sac they told me i had miscarried =[. i was so heartbroken and upset. its true what they say you dont relise how much u want something until its taken away from you. I had to have an operation to remove what was left and then i got an infection and well just been hard .

straight away me and my partner said we were gonna try again . And have now said we are going to image now im all healed and stuff but im so worried it might happen again if i do get pregnant ... i cant go thru that again if it did .

just looking to see if anyone else has these worries .. or like any success stories or anything really that may help xxx


  • Hi Sarahnx,

    Sorry I don't have any experience to share, but just wanted to offer sympathy for your loss, you have been through so much in the last few months, and so soon after the birth of your little girl, no wonder you're worried about trying again. Maybe your health visitor or community midwife would be a good source of info / reassurance about trying again. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a happy and healthy pregnancy in the near future.

  • awww thankyou for your kind words hun. and yeah tbh i havent really spoke about it since it happened at all. Just tried to move on and forget about it as quickly as possible as my way of dealing with it was i spose to not deal with it. So maybe talking to someone would be good image. so nervous about trying again i mean im lucky as i already have one beautiful baby but i would love another xx

  • Hiya, I think grief quite often only hits you a few weeks or months after a loss, sounds perfectly natural to me - I hope you find some good support - I hear that the Miscarriage Association offers a range of valuable help, and there's some more info  , there's some more info here. Remember, most women who miscarry do go on to have normal, healthy pregnancies - I hope this happens for you very soon! take care x


  • sorry to hear your sad news, i hope you are alright and have lots of support. iv just been told iv had a bio chemical pregnancy and im very confused.  We are going to keep trying though and hopefully it will work out next time.  Good luck to you and take care

  • Hi i suffered a miscarriage at about 7 weeks but i did not know i was preganant. that was in august 2010. we decided to try again - in a wierd way it was good to know i could get pregnant (even though you assume you can if you already have one child and i have a 5 yr old boy). and i was pregnant by October and my second boy was born in july 2011. I think you have to mentally prepare yourself as you are going to worry until your baby is safley in your arms.

    Good luck xxxxxxx

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