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Hello everyone!!!

hello all!!! I am new to this site. my husband and I have a 15yo son who is the light of my life!! I took a FRER on Friday morning using FMU, and this is what I got. Please give me your opinions. Before u see pic, some history... I am currently 37 with severe PCOS. Have been told multiple times I do not ovulate. TTC for a looooong time!! 15 years of unprotected sex and I took the FR AND GOT THIS!! imageI then took a clear blue dig and got not pregnant... what do y'all think?? Positive?? Faint positive?? Evap line?? Intention?? Also did a gray shade here it is: imageWhat is yalls opinion.. ANY FEEDBACK APPRECIATED!!!


  • I can't see anything on the frer am afraid except for the indent line. Digi arent very sensitive so if it's not a clear bright pink line on the frer it won't show in a digital. Digital work best after your missed period. 

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