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Talkback: 10 of the best baby bibs


  • Speaking from my own personal experiences of the many brands/types of bib, the best bibs by far are those from! Great all-round protection, easy to clean and use, soft, flexible fabric and they come in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit every age and pallate!
  • Seriously? Where is Bibetta? The only decent bIb I've ever found!
  • I actually found the tu from sainsburys one, that tie at the back were the best, especially for a dribbly baby, didnt get anything on her clothes, and cheap and wash so well!

  • I have some of bibs (ordinary bibs) for my little darling, few months ago for she is teething that month. Now, I have decided to bought some silicone baby bibs for her as my friend says that it is really good for messy kids. So this past month I start to use it for my toddler, I noticed that the baby bibs she recommended is really good (as I have proven it).
  • I've tried a lot of bids as both of mine were messy eaters and the Sillybillyz bib that has sleeves is an outstanding product, particularly now they have changed the velcro fastening for a pop stud.

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