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PCOS n 4 recurrent miscarrige

Getting pregnant is difficult but once its there i tried not to think much but it always kills me when the symptoms not showing comes n go n eventually dissapear..from my past pregnancies..the initial sign was losing the symptom like getting less sore breast..getting thick white like cottage cheese discharge (is it infection?) followed by brown discharge n soon the all happened during the 1st trimester..

i was wishing that my 4th pregnancy would last because my dr planned to treat me as soon as im positive but i had no chance to meet one because it only last for 5 weeks.

i cried a lot after my 3rd mc that this current loss didnt affect me n my husband that much..we blamed the systm for not putting my appointment earlier..i reported early june to the gyne but they scheduled me this 25th July..i assumed that my body never produced enough hormone to support my pregnancies could it be the pcos?

i had difficulty to get my fertile period n had to rely on P.C. apps to asume the fertile period. it also took 35-60 days cycle before the next period..

anyone with pcos gets pregnant but never last?


  • I have pcos and believe it seems like I'm having my 4th loss.  All mine have been early losses, I've had 2 chemical pregnancies where I've loss them around the missed period time.  My last one I was 4-6 weeks but not exactly sure. This one I'm 5/6 weeks but scan showed my sac as measuring about 4 weeks and my hcg levels are falling, no bleeding yet.  

    You cant diagnose pcos based on miscarriage.  Pcos is a very complex hormone and cysts disorder.  Not all women with pcos have a hard time conceiving and not all women with pcos miscarry.  There could be any number of reasons why you are struggling to conceive and miscarrying.  

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