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Talkback: Club Penguin – a parents' guide


  • Hi Sher2
    It’s Lucy here from Club Penguin. Club Penguin is designed for kids but not to the exclusion of adults. Mum’s and dad’s meet up with their kids to play Club Penguin while away on business and we know of long distance grandparents who play with their grandkids. Our filters don’t allow anyone to ask for a phone number or give any kind of personal information away. Numbers are not able to get through our filter. Could you get in touch with us on 0800 085 7638 or [email protected] so you can tell us more about the code?
  • Be very careful with Club Penguin.  I joined for my kids and they both enjoyed it for a while, but once they grew out of it I discontinued the membership.   Then out of the blue I noticed that Club Penguin had started charging my credit card again!  I went to the website and clicked to discontinue payment and it reported that there were no recurring payments.  Yet my credit card has been charged (and for about 4 months before I picked it up).  I have sent an email to their billing dept. but still am waiting for a reply.

  • Definitely not true that it is safe. Anyone including adults can make a penguin without verification and there are ways around the moderated chat. One person was able to give my daughter his phone number in code in the safe chat mode. Beware parents!
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