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Is this a faint positive or am I seeing things?

Hi all! Just looking for a few other opinions on this before I go to the doctors. I am on day 38 almost 39 of my cycle and always have 30-32 days with the exception of one lasting 27 days since being off of BC for 10months. My period is about 6-8 days late and I had light spotting (pink/brownish) off and on, between days 17 and 23, with signs of ovulation on day 22/23. So maybe I just ovulated late but I NEVER spot. I took 3 pregnancy tests, on day 24 and 35 and they turned up negative. Today's... Not so sure. Anyways thanks in advance!!! 


we are not actually trying to conceive and have only been using the pull out method. image


  • I don't think that is positive  it looks more like it is flooded/faulty

    A later ovulation will mean a later period 

    If no sign in a few days might be worth making an appointment with your GP just to discuss 

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