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Labour: was it as bad as you thought?

Hello everyone,
We were hoping you would tell us, when you had your baby, was labour as bad as you thought it would be? Maybe it was worse than you expected, and if it was, why? Or maybe you’re the other way and your labour was actually not that bad?

Please do come and tell us if your labour was as bad as you thought (or worse? or better?) by posting a reply to this thread. We’d love to hear all about your experience.



  • Well my first labour was long. Slow labour in and out of hospital for a week contractions but not progressing me. I returned the same day and told them I need to get the baby out was induced and ready to push within the hour I remember asking my partner if he was ok but I was quite out of it with gas and air I also tore. labour was the easy part dealing with the stitches after was the hard part. I since given birth 2 more time I loved my second labour no gas and air he was born in 20 mins in triage with Midwives watching in amazement and rushing around getting things to cut the cord they kept telling me over the phone that I didn't sound inain so couldn't be close so I made the decision to go in but not before we fed the cat lol. My 3rd 7 months ago was long I needed inducing the pain was bad but I coped with gas and air. I love labour I tried to explain it to my friend but u can't the pressure immediately goes when the head pops out and the body just slips out with one final push. I would do it all over again raising them is the hard part so considered being a surrogate but my partner isn't keen on 5he idea 

  • Well it was very quick to begin with part from waters braking and not going into labour for 4days days. But went from feeling nothing to slight back cramps got hosp bout ten mins later aready 4-5cms then bout 15 mins later pushing. So pain wasnt as bad as thoughtI. Well after that bit of blur as had spinal ready for section

  • I have had two babies....3 year old and 7 month old. Don't get me wrong when it comes to pushing it does hurt BUT it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and I have loved both births. I would quite happily do it several more times. 

    I had stitches with my first and the recovery was worse than the labour. Second time I had no stitches and recovery was a breeze x

  • It was a lot worse than I imagined. After 3 failed sweeps, I was induced as my baby "will definitely be 10lb+ at full term" the consultant said as she was measured at 8lb 11oz at 37 weeks. At 39&6 I went in to be induced, at 40&1 I gave birth via forceps to my not so huge 8lb 13oz girl. I was fuming to say the least.

    The labour was so forced and unnatural. My body and my girl weren't ready yet and my contractions never stopped at one point for 40 minutes (@7cm). The drip is awful, especially when it's not monitored!! I hardly had any breaks in my contractions. It was a long 18 hours after my waters broke.  The 2 days in hospital trying to, and failing to induce me were bad too. You need sleep before labour and those wards are not conducive to sleep, especially when 2 people have been in each bed on your ward and you're stuck there with nothing happening.

    And let's be honest, going to the loo afterwards is hands down the scariest thing you'll ever do. I can now wee standing up though.... not that this is my preferred method you understand! 😂

    If I had to do it again, I would refuse an induction. They can try my way or c section me. I understand that they say these things to be safe, but I felt I was told wrong information about the size of my baby and I therefore went with their recommendation to induce because I was scared into it on wrong information. I actually feel robbed of our experience. However, I have a friend who had a very similar situation to me and she had another baby in a lovely way, calm,  natural and peaceful. No two births are the same i suppose. 


  • Thank you so much for your comments so far - it's so interesting to read all the different takes on this. 

    Please do keep posting, we'd love to hear from more of you! 

  • I loved labour 😂 i had two relatively quick and easy labours.

    1st happened naturally 8 days late, arrived at hospital at 7-8cm after waters had gone with a pop. Needed episiotomy and hormone drip towards end as contractions slowed but from 1st pain to delivery was around  11 hours. Only had 1 diamo towards end as they wanted to cut.

    2nd after issuesi was induced on my due date. Only required waters to be broken on the day no gels etc. Start to finish 3 hours 32 mins. Much more intense and I only had and air (hated it 1st labour loved it this time lol) and some paracetamol. 

    I would do labour again over pregnancy 😂 It's so empowering and believe me I am an absolute wuss! 

  • It's honestly abit of a blur, even straight after I could really remember what happened lol 

    but honestly I don't really remembwr it being too bad, but I was dramatic and asked to stay in when I was 2cm because I couldn't stop being sick, as I was dehydrated they let me. But I disnt know what to do with myself, I couldn't lie down or walk around as it was the middle of the night. I feel even now I didn't have proper contractions, no tightenings and I didn't know when to push etc but i was trying to get him out over 3 hours! There was no drugs or gas and air due to my sickness. 

    i had stitches but not problems with recovery either!

  • I was in slow labour from the Tuesday I kept phoning the hospital because I wasn't in established labour they weren't going to do anything by thursday night they were every 5 minutes still not going to do anything it wasn't until Friday night I went into hospital at 4cm got in the birthing pool for 6 hours and only dilated to 5cm so got given the epidural and the drip and they broke my waters for me. It got to about 3 Saturday afternoon and I started feeling my contractions even though I had an epidural so was using gas and air. Got told to start pushing at about 6 in the afternoon and Bella got stuck so had a forceps delivery. I loved my labour I can't wait to do it all over again! 😁

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