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Post-birth bleeding: did you use maternity pads, sanitary towels or something different altogether?

Hi everyone,

We all know that post birth, there’s a lot of bleeding and we were hoping you would tell us, when you had your baby, did you use maternity pads, sanitary towels, or maybe something different altogether? And if you used something different, please do tell us what it was.

We’d love to hear what you used post birth for that never ending post-birth bleeding, so please do let us know by adding a reply to this thread.



  • I'll start this thread off Danielle I used maternity pads with both my boys and massive pants. I do find maternity pads expensive tho when you go through so many 

  • Massive "paper" pants here too 😂 

    I did buy maternity pads, but to be honest super plus night pads (the thick ones if you've had stitches, extra padding) were better. They actually gave me loads while i was in the hospital as well as the weird pants. 

  • I used maternity pads to begin with 

  • I used cotton knickers 2 sizes bigger than my usual size, with the thick maternity pads. I agree that the thick ones are definitely worth getting for comfort with stitches, and you certainly don't want to be wearing tight underwear xx

  • I tried using maternity pads but had some sort of allergic reaction to mine! Sorry if TMI but I was very itchy and sore down there and my skin peeled all along the site of the pads, from front to back 🙈. I had already been in hospital 4 days after giving birth and the registrar threatened to keep me in longer in case the reaction was a symptom of something else. But I persisted and they sent me away in the end with a big jar of aqueous cream, concluding that it probably was just an allergic reaction.

    So I ended up using extra absorbent sanitary towels and massive knickers after that! I definitely will be doing that from the start next time as the reaction didn't clear for weeks, which is the last thing you want on top of a c-section scar and a newborn.

  • Granny pants bigger than my usual size, with maternity pads at first, until I got fed up of walking around like I'd pooped myself, then I switched to maxi night sanitary towels.

  • Have to chip in ladies and say it was a special day when I got to throw away my giant pregnancy knickers! 

  • bear with me are this does sound a bit crazy... but it works!! I used 'depends' underwear with just a regular pad inside! The depends were amazing!.. they have a nice thick pad to absorb what they need to plus good for comfort when sitting down! They also have a nice supportive tummy section which cradled my flobby weird feeling tummy so it felt nice & helped me feel a bit more confident as it smoothed my tummy out a bit under clothes. I got the idea from those disposable knickers that they give you in hospital which had the right idea but just were baggy and awful on me... the depends fit lovely, did the job & at the end of the day (or during if necessary) I could throw them away & grab a nice new pair. I have since told a few friends about doing this & they tried it & rave about it too! 

  • Just had to Google Depends SW2  - they're incontinence knickers, right? Logically it makes perfect sense they would soak up lots of fluid - that's really interesting actually. 

  • Lol! Yep! Incontinence knickers! ☺️

  • Hi everyone.

    I used maternity pads and extra long night pads. It was enough for me. Comfy pants too. It wasn't the sexiest version of me ever but I felt more comfortable.

    My sister had to use maternity pads and incontinence knickers. There were so useful for her as she was bleeding much more than me.

    I guess that adding extra cotton to a normal pad could be another option.

    Good luck!


  • Hi, 

    I used maternity pads at first because I thought that is what I had to use, eventually I moved on to normal sanitary towels as I found them much more comfy and absorbent. Also a great big pair of granny pants from Primark really helped :) x  

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