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Preparing to give birth: did you read books, try hypnobirthing or something else entirely?


During pregnancy, there’s usually a moment when you have the realisation that what’s now grown inside of you actually has to come out! We would love you tell us, to prepare yourself for giving birth, did you read a book or blogs, or maybe you went on a hypnobirth course, or did you do something else entirely, or like one MFM staffer simply hope for the best?

We would love for you to tell us how you prepared to give birth, by posting a reply to this thread. And do let us know if your preparation, whatever it might have been, helped at all.



  • I read everything to prepare me for birth. I recorded a relaxing playlist on my ipod (which never came out of my case) and practised hypnobirthing daily. None of it was used as ~I was induced and they refused to let me do most of my practises. I'll insist on it if I have another as I truly believe in hypnobirthing. Shame that Dr's and consultants aren't.

  • I started with downloading an app called pregnancy+. This was great for those early stages, and reassured me with what was to come. Once I was 20 weeks I booked onto a local Hypnobirthing course. This was fantastic and I felt so prepared after this. I continued to read the app each day and also now attend hypnoborthing relaxation classes each week and their are many great discussions in the group. 

    I have also not allowed anyone to tell me a.Negative birth story but I'm also education on what can go wrong. So I feel prepared but not nervous at all. Roll on 6 weeks when I get my meet my baby :-) 

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