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Am I losing my mucus Plug??

Hi ladies I'm 35+6 and for the past 2 days I've had quite a lot of mucousy discharge each time I wipe. Probably the size of a £2 coin each wipe. It's slimey kind of creamy colour no blood. I called MW who said not to worry and call back if there's blood or if I'm in pain. I'm just worried that I could be in early labour and not know! 


  • Hi Andrea

    First of all, try not to worry. What your describing could be your plug, sorry I'm not of more help, I'm 35 weeks pregnant too but with my first so I've yet to lo se it! However from what I have been told, yes it is possible to lose your plug at this stage but it doesn't necessarily mean early labour as the plug can and probably will grow back. Thats why your MW said phone back if you have pain or any bleeding, as most likely the plug will grow back in for the remaining few weeks. I hope that was of some help!


  • Thanks for your reply! Turns out it was my mucus plug as my gorgeous little boy was born 7/10 4 weeks early weighing 5lbs 2oz xxxxx

  • oh wow congratulations! My baby is yet to even engage, 38 weeks now feeling tired 😫

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