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Am I asking too much??

hi all just need a bit of a rant as I'm totally fed up! 

Me and my partner have been together a while, had a baby in April this year 11 weeks early and was hardly supportive! I'm just getting totally fed up with his attitude now. I feel like I'm looking after our son alone, he works through the week mon-fri 9-5 complains how exhausted he is, he won't get up in the night to help feed him or get him back to sleep if he wakes, literally all he does is hold him for an hour after work while I make dinner then it's me that gets him off to sleep! Come the weekend he won't get up with him or let me sleep in instead he gets up, gets himself ready then goes to take his Nan the cemetery which I said was nice! But he takes the p*** it's gone 5 o'clock sometimes And then it's the same Sunday And for some reason he can never take the baby with him! He goes football Thursday evenings till 9pm goes the gym 3x a week, he bailed on our date night last Saturday to go out with his friends and didn't return till 7pm the day after! and has the cheek to say to me I need time to myself that's what youre on maternity leave for to look after him! he says I have a social life because my friends come round or I go to their house except I always have the baby with me! Just really feel like he's living the life of Riley! Try and talk to him about it and he says I'm trying to control him and alls I get is verbal abuse! 

Just at a loss now! He said he told his work friends that I don't let him take his nan the cemetery and apparently they're appalled when that's not the case at all! He twists things all the time to make me look the bad guy all because I want him to help more with his son!


  • Well, he is an as+++++. Did you both think and plan the baby or just happened? Somehow I think it just happened because his way of life doesn´t show how he wanted the child in the first place. In consideration we have to take that he works all day, so could be he is tired. Although, if he has time for a gym, he should find some time for his baby too. Just talk to him, seriously. If he doesn´t want to change, then yes, be the bad guy in the relationship. Do it for the child, because if you continue like this, the child will suffer when gets bigger. Better to prevent bad things in the future now.

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