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Estimated baby weight VS birth weight?

What did they estimate your baby would weigh VS what they actually did, do you think they are accurate? 

I'm 31weeks and have been told my baby boys estimated weight at the moment is 4 pound 10 that's on the big side for his gestation, could they be wrong? I asked what he would weigh at birth at was told 8/9 pound! This is my first baby so have no clue what to expect, just going off what I'm told at the appointments.


  • They are around 80% accurate I was told, which is a big variance when you think about it, meaning an estimate of 10lbs for example can turn out to be +\- 2lbs! I wouldn’t worry too much, they can give you an indication but I would take it with a pinch of salt. 

  • Throughout my entire pregnancy with my son, I was never once told an estimation of his weight. Even when I went overdue, they never suggested checking that.

    Most people I know say they were very inaccurate. I had one friend induced at 38 weeks as they estimated baby's weight at 10lbs. She was a little overweight herself and had PCOS plus she had GD during the pregnancy. She had a horrible induction with instrumental delivery and baby was just 7lbs.

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