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How do I know if my man is cheating. I don't trust men period!

Examples  of  cheating  men


  • If you don't trust your partner you shouldn't be with him. If there's no trust the relationship won't work. Do you have strong evidence that he could be cheating ? 

  • Is he fully satisfied with you in bed....this could be the reason

  • not necessarily. Men can cheat even when all is good in the bed. Simply they like to have diversity in life. Most of the cheaters really love their wife and have sex aside, without feelings. I am also against that, but it happens. Lots of studies were made on that theme, and still there is no definitive answer what causes that. Maybe monogamy is not in human nature. Don´t blame men for all, women cheat too. Even more sometimes than men.

  • I'm a man and I think you should have a conversation with your man. If he does have any suspension action, just ask him about it. Don't take your marriage become bad without saying words.

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