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line eyes please help me.

11dpo been experiencing tender heavy breasts white tips of my nipples very sore tired back pain mood swings I took this because I was very nauseas this evening this was taken 2 min after peeing on it. imageimageimage


  • imageInverted the strip. I took it out because I couldn’t help myself. 

  • Hi Hopeful! 

    Hope you are well! i can't see anything there, how many dpo are you?? Maybe try again a few days after missed af? 

  • I can see a very very faint line but agree test in a few days see if a darker one arrives 

    good luck

  • I was 10dpo when I had a line like that 


  • @mysticpiggy were you pregnant? I feel like I can see another super faint line in the test I took this morning but again I’m not sure if im making myself see it. 

  • I took the strip out of the test I took last night and compared it with my test this morning. The test still in the casing I just took this morning. I took the pics within the time frame. imageimageimageimage

  • I was indeed I can see 2 super faint lines but I’d want them to get darker before I get excited x

  • Thank you!! ive been reading so many bad things about equate blue dye but I had someone recommend that to me and she said that’s all she’s ever used. Last night my line was thin and light blue but this morning the line was thick and light blue so I’m not sure what to think. I had a miscarriage 2 months ago And my doc said I could try again so we have been. AF is due in 3 days But I had been very irregular before miscarriage. 

  • I'm sure i can see some very faint lines, try doing another in a few days with a pink dye, fingers crossed for you xxxx

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