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This is my 1st time writing on a blog but Im at my wits end my 2 year old has no fear about anything he things roads are exciting I've tried rains and he just goes limp so you end up carrying him, I use his pushchair but he always wants to walk but telling him off does no good and when you run after him he thinks it's a game, any advise please I really need to get it under control and tried everything I can think of. Thankyou


  • Hello yummymummywilkins1990 - and welcome to MFM!

    I so know how you feel with a toddler who had no idea about road safety! All of mine (I have 3 boys) were just the same at that age.

    Hopefully, someone will come along in a moment and give you some great tips.

    In the meantime, you might want to try something I did - that worked quite well with my boys. 

    My biggest fear was always that they wouldn't stop at the kerb and that one day I might be just that little too far behind them to grab them and stop them running into the road.

    So I started playing what I called the Stop/Go game at home. You basically say, "Go!" and encourage them to get running/marching/walking/dancing around the room, and then you say, "Stop!" and they have to stand still. With more than one, you can have a 'winner' (the one who stops quickest); with just one child, you could see how fast they stop (maybe time them and see if that can beat their time last time?).

    I played this with mine LOADS - until we got to a point that they were so quick to stop and so used to it that I was pretty sure that if I yelled "Stop!" in the street, they would.

    Hope that's helpful. Good luck with it all!

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